Frequently Asked Questions

September 5, 2016

Q: Do I need a partner for a private lesson, group class, or a party?
A: No partner necessary.


Q: What should I wear on my first lesson? 

A: We recommend wearing heels or a strapped sandal for women and dress shoes for men. It helps to glide around the dance floor on your lessons!


Q: What about my attire? What do I wear!?

A: No worries! Be as comfortable or dressy as you want, it's YOUR lesson. Our students generally wear anything from business casual, jeans and a comfortable shirt all the way to yoga pants. If you're working on choreography we highly recommend stretchy pants. 


Q: Can I bring my friends or family?

A: Absolutely! We have practice parties on the 1st and 3rd Friday's of every month and group classes held nightly! 


Q: If I have a song I really want to dance to, can I tell my instructor?

A: Of course! We want you to have as much fun as possible!