Dance Lessons

​Private lessons are scheduled classes with you and your instructor. They are scheduled at at time that best fits your schedule Monday - Saturday. 

We offer a special on our new member program that includes 3 (1 hr) private lessons, 2 group classes, and 1 dance party for $59.


Singles & Couples


*Masks Required. Screening prior to your scheduled lesson

​The dynamics of a group class has an instructor show leaders and followers their respective parts of a designated dance and then have them practice the steps with each other.

$10 for walk-ins or $90 for an unlimited monthly membership.

View the calendar here.

Monday-Friday at 7pm

GROUP CLASSES - (No group classes due to Covid-19 until further notice)

Dance Parties give the student an opportunity to practice everything  they are learning in their private and group lessons and allows the student to dance with multiple people while having a great time!

No Dance Experience Necessary! Only $10 at the door.

See Calendar For Dates | 8PM - 10PM

DANCE PARTIES - (No group classes due to Covid-19 until further notice)

Introductory Package


3 Private Lessons

Only $59!